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The importance of education

Mark Oaten - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oaten was educated at Watford Comprehensive School and Hatfield Polytechnic.

I was wrong - I had him down as the product of a Public School up near the Welsh Borders - somewhere like Shrewsbury. But I suppose he would have got it all out of his system if had been. Shows the importance of a decent education for chaps, eh?


Now you have all us Comprehensive-uneducated types worried. What else would we have got out of our systems that we didn't know was in there, I wonder?

Regardless of background, one might surely have predicted that a politician who joined the LibDems enjoyed being s*** on, surely?

Hmm... "Watford Comprehensive School". No such place I'm afraid. Oaten's dad taught at Watford Grammar School for Boys. But the man himself went to Queens School in Bushey. A comprehensive school, but not in Watford.

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