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Proud to be a Klowänden des Internets

As the leading blog for German humour I am little put out to discover the Germans are doing it themselves now - all because some PR guy complained they were ripping the piss out of the "Du bist Deutschland" loveyfest....

SCHOLZ .. jens scholz .. .. .. proud part of the "Klowände des Internets" (Jean-Remy von Matt) ..

Das Ziel: Die Miesepetrigkeit bekämpfen.

Der Dank: Miesepetrigkeit. Glücklicherweise nur von den Gruppen, von denen man nichts besseres erwarten konnte:

The aim: to fight grumpyness.
The thanks: grumpyness. Which, fortunately, came only from the groups you wouldn't expect anything else from:

2. Von den Weblogs, den Klowänden des Internets. (Was berechtigt eigentlich jeden Computerbesitzer, ungefragt seine Meinung abzusondern? Und die meisten Blogger sondern einfach nur ab. Dieser neue Tiefststand der Meinungsbildung wird deutlich, wenn man unter www.technorati.com eingibt: Du bist Deutschland.)

2. Weblogs, the toilet walls of the internet. (What on earth gives every computer owner the right to exude their opinion, unasked for? And most bloggers really just exude. This new, lowest level of opinion-forming becomes evident when you search for "Du bist Deutschland" on www.technorati.com.)

Hat tip - Drinking From Home: Du bist Deutschland


Do German's lieber dich? Only funny if you're saying it to an English person who knows how to pronounce dich in a North German accent. The cheap laughs we get at the expense of our neighbours eh?

As for the Dutch, u kunt take the piss out of their language at all.

Oh dear. I'll stop now.

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