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Up and down like Jodie Marsh's Drawers

Sorry BT Broadband has been misbehaving all day, so I never got to finish my piece about the hysterical reaction to the possible upset to a couple of curlew that might be avoided by spending 200 million (and that is not an exaggeration of the numbers involved.) Nor could those half crafted witticisms about the Media frenzy about Wally the Whale being a PODcast (Pod - group of whales, geddit, oh never mind) or the documents on Mr Oaten being a LOGfile ( A Log being slang for, no, forget it..) or even how strange it was the only day a whale died in London was the only day the Family FM goes to London. So many missed pearls, but tomorrow I hope to be back to normal.


Did you see loads of people blubbering about it?

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