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LibDem video worries

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | TV's 'sleep' button stands accused

Britons waste the equivalent of around two power stations' worth of electricity each year by leaving TV sets and other gadgets on standby.
Last June Environment Minister Elliot Morley, responding to an MP's question, revealed that electrical equipment in sleep mode used roughly 7TWh of energy and emitted around 800,000 tonnes of carbon.

Norman Baker, the Liberal Democrat's environment spokesman, favours a "polluter pays" approach to the standby problem: "In the end, there has to be costs in the form of manufacturers paying something to recognize the damage they are causing.

I think I prefer Numberwatch's view and for LibDems to keep their attentions out of my home...

Numberwatch - 2006 January

It is almost unbelievable that Greenie politicians have managed to drag up that old canard about standby modes. This trivial problem is becoming more trivial with every technological development. It might have been notable when all electronic systems were based on thermionic valves (vacuum tubes) because they had to have their cathodes permanently heated to save a long warming up period. This has persisted to a small extent because the cathode ray tube operates on the same principle, but this device is rapidly being replaced by plasma and LCD.
Modern electronic equipment, however, works on integrated circuits, which consume very little power and do not need warming up. Standby in such systems requires only that the receiving sensor for the remote controller is powered, a negligible amount, together with a micro-powered LED to show that the system is ready.
The estimates of power consumption produced by the politicians are ludicrously high. Why do they create these chimeras and parade them before the gullible populace? It is all to do with the principle of sacrifice. They have done no calculations. They simply invent numbers to impress the groundlings and rely on the fact that virtually the entire media are of the same religious persuasion as themselves.


Er, but the polluter does pay doesn't he? Or is all the electricity consumed in my home while I am asleep free?


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