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Your favourite T Shirt

Looking through my dressing room for something warm to wear on this frosty morning I realised the vast numbers of T Shirts I have accumulated from hanging around with people who understand IT - however I think my favourite one to wear on Summer days, down the Pub to wind people up, is one I picked out of a charity bin..

What is your favourite one?

(Pictures to the address on the right WILL be published)

Ooh - here's one that looks familiar, the barmaids at the local wear them, but not so well....

From guess who? Thanks Misty!

lee t shirt.gif
From George Lee

From - do you think I'm going to tell you!


Cold breeze when the second picture was taken?

You're welcome, pet ;)

Lorks. Really can't decide whether T shirt #2 or #4 is my favourite. However I'm enjoying trying to make my mind up!

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