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Live Tractor BIogging

Hot Tea this morning thanks to a Kelly Kettle
Image taken on 25/1/2006 9:40


I'll have mine NATO standard please

I'll have mine NATO standard please

The picture of your tractor raises a question with me. I have a similar tractor, a 1957 John Deere (27 horsepower) that assists in small chores on my eighteen acres adjacent to a small city in the U.S. It is considered proper for a "gentleman farmer", both descriptions being inaccurate.

1957 was really the end in America for tractors of this type. When tractors became much larger, capable of pulling fifty plow blades, the result was much less labor required and much larger farms. In the Dakotas, the average farm has increased to several thousand acres. The reduced number of farmers has also severely reduced the population of the small towns in America. Where once there was thousands of little towns (villages) consisting of a couple hundred residents, we now find homes that have been abandoned, and the paint is slowly coming off due to wind and weather. They can be purchased for a few thousand dollars.

But what has happened in England? My ancestors were English farmers. Has it gone the same way? Are small villages suffering as a result of reduced farm workers? Are there many large farms with thousands of acres?

This web site makes me think that perhaps these changes have not occurred in England. I hope the family farm is surviving there.

The Englishman responds - nope pretty much the same over here, except the exfarmworker cottages go for a couple of hundred thousand pounds to nice people from the city called Charles and Fiona, with theire two lovely children Zac and Charlie.....

Tractor blogging?!!

More of that please! I love tractors, being an ex-farmboy and all that.

Kelly kettles are quite the thing to have for the self respecting English gun blogger it seems.

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