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I almost wish I had watched it

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AS A culture, we must all now, surely, fear the ageing process just that little more than we did previously. Before Celebrity Big Brother 2006, it was generally held that a body became incrementally wiser as the years passed. But now that the nation has had nearly three weeks to witness 52-year-old George Galloway, MP for Bethnal Green & Bow, go out of his way to destroy his career by taking part in a notoriously ludicrous game show, we can only speculate just how much the intellect is robbed by the passing of the years.
Is there a medical test in existence that could explain WHY HE DID IT? He claimed it was to “reach out to the young”. Just how effective this technique was can be judged by a comment from Chantelle, Galloway’s 22-year-old housemate. “What’s George’s band called?” she asked, after spending 21 days in 24-hour contact with Galloway. ..

Initially bullish, during his post-eviction interview Galloway had the increasingly waxy pallor of someone gradually realising that he is in quite a lot of trouble.

Firstly presenter Davina McCall showed Galloway some of the many hooting headlines his performance had inspired, before inquiring: “What do you think your most infamous moment has been?” ... Davina then showed him the cat footage, which turned Galloway a hue I recognised to be “Clunch” by Farrow & Ball.

Then Jeremy Paxman popped up on a screen, like a big hammer. “When you’re ready to talk, so are we — with or without your leotard,” Paxman drawled.

Perhaps realising just what kind of news story would prompt a BBC current affairs anchorman to appear momentarily on a Channel 4 game show, Galloway strobed right through to “Lamp Room Grey”.

A quick perusal of the colour charts this morning has made my day...Farrow & Ball, Traditional Paint & Wallpaper


What’s George’s band called?
Hahaha, Ian Drury would have made hash of him.

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