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Private Property - Letters from The Times today

Letters to the Editor The Times Sunday Times Times Online

Sir, Your readers may not know that 105 MPs recently appended their names to an early day motion designed to extend "freedom to roam" into a "freedom to row" allowing canoeists and other users of non-powered craft to paddle at will on rivers and lakes which are, outside tidal waters, private property.
This was done without consultation or consideration for riparian owners, other river users and interested parties. ....

Sir, The proposed Artists’ Resale Right strikes at the heart of the notion of a commercial bargain — once an object has been sold, all rights pass to the purchaser.
There is no justification for an artist being the only manufacturer to dictate the fate of his product, and any future increase in value need not necessarily have a link with activity on the part of the artist.
If the artist is unwilling to surrender his rights to his work then do not sell it....

The notion of real ownership of property is an outdated one in modern Britain, one of the most important foundation stones of freedom and prosperity has been chipped away at so much it will soon crumble completely.


No socialist state like modern Britain can allow private property. It encourages individualism and stikes at the heart of equality.

Of course the Dear Leader has learnt lessons from the mistakes of pure marxism and adopted the National Socialist solution so rather than abolish private property as a legal nicety he has realised that it is the concept of control which is important.

In modern Britain this means you may have title to property, but the (good socialist) state will determine control over the same.

Remember it is far better to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator and have equality; than to permit differences that would allow inequality even if in the unequal society all are better off (when judged by a false capitalistic yardstick (sorry meterrule)).

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