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A Book to Order

Amazon.co.uk: Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs: Books

In this irreverent and provocative book, he gives us the full story: how British soldiers are sent off to war with some of the worst guns in the trade, how the MOD keeps financing useless toys (at huge expense to taxpayers), and how decisions seem to be made with an eye, above all, for the interests of British Aerospace. He shows how politicians and the top brass are hopelessly entrenched in yesterday's wars and pouring their talents and energies into making sure that money is wasted right, left and centre. "Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs" does for the military what "Not on the Label" did for supermarkets - it takes us behind the scenes and exposes the real ingredients whipped up in the name of 'defence'.
From the Publisher
A short polemic on the curious ways of the British military - examining its habitat, mating rituals and scandalous procurement practices - by a brilliant young former Naval Officer.

Sounds even more interesting than Amazon.co.uk: The Bumper Book of Government Waste: The scandal of the squandered billions from Lord Irvine's wallpaper to EU saunas: Books


...for the interests of British Aerospace

It's not been called British Aerospace for about 5 years. I hope he's aware of this if he is to gain any credibility.

Quite true. Best trained, best led, worst equipped soldiers in the world.

In a scrape I'd sooner be sharing a foxhole with a British Tom than anyone else but the SA80 is a bloody liability.

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