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Begging for a caption - or photoshop!


The Telegraph

Hattip Gareth

UPDATE: Misty kindly provides a clean photoshop "improvement" - such an innocent mind she has:

The caption is: "Smiles all round as Bliar finally listens and acts on what the public want from him"
or something along those lines


In a friendly game of ‘charades’ Ms Wellfair of Islington correctly guessed 'Monica Lewinsky' as the answer.

Blair caught sucking out brains.

Just nipped in there before you LMiaT. I'm thinking about this photoshopping idea, and I have a vision in my mind that involves the girl standing in the background wearing a gimp mask.

I think it will look good :-)

It's a telescope you halfwit!

On it, on both counts pet. Give me a little time, ok? ;)

Blow me?

Of course Peters mouth is bigger, but you get the general idea.

This is the only way I can get Cherie to shutup.

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