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Shooting to thrill in Cambodia - Destinations - Times Online

Thunder Ranch, the wood, brick and bamboo shooting range is run by Cambodia's 911 Paratrooper Commandos and allows Rambo fantasies to be played out daily by young backpackers and middle-aged upmarket tourists - at fixed, per-bullet price.
Thirty rounds for an AK47 or M16 cost $30 (17). One hundred for a US-made M60 light machine gun and the similar Russian-made K57 LMG costs $100 (57). Then prices jump for an M79 launched grenade, which cost $100 per shell. However, you certainly get more bang for your bucks- an M79 can knock down a small building. A B40 rocket propelled grenade costs $200.
Presenting the "menu", a helpful staff member explains that if a visitor wants to fire the grenade and rocket launchers, it means a trip to another shooting range about 40 minutes' drive away. To enhance the experience, he adds, old cars can be procured for target practice.

My lasting memory of Phnom Penh is that its the only place on the planet where you can get a beer and a machinegun at the same time.


didn't know about grenade and rocket...
it's cool!

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