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The Party of Openness

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DAVID CAMERON, the Conservative leader, has triggered his first internal revolt by trying to impose a lifetime gagging order on all the party's employees.
The Times has learnt that the confidentiality agreement was sent to all staff, irrespective of their seniority or how long they have worked for the party, without any warning or consultation at the end of last week...
The mere fact that the existence of the confidentiality document has been leaked will be the first test of whether it is legally binding or not. ....
Mr Cameron, who has unashamedly modelled his first few weeks as Opposition leader on Tony Blair, has also borrowed the idea from the Labour leader, whose early iron grip on his party was criticised as “control freakery”. All Labour Party employees sign a confidentiality agreement.

Obviously I can't comment - even though the chances of me being offered a job at Central Office are as small as Pete Burn's Willy.


Well, that is a surprise.....

Pete Burns has willie - shock.

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