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A&R Scott's Porage Oats

As Stephen Fry said " It had to be Scott's Porage Oats" for breakfast. Facing a cold day outside the porringer is bubbling away on the Aga with the spurtle to the ready as the Scott's Porage is prepared.
But wait, on the back of the Scott's OLD FASHIONED Porage packet there is a recipe for Flapjacks: Oats, Marge, Demerara, Golden Syrup and a pinch of Ginger, BUT it is only in Grammes. I haven't bought or sold anything in grammes since my College days, I'm not starting to now, not on the advice of the so called Scott's OLD FASHIONED Porage.
Time for a quick email. But no website, no email, maybe Scott's OLD FASHIONED Porage really are OLD FASHIONED! But lurking at the bottom is a customer service number in Leicester. In bloody England, what the hell are A&R Scott of Cupar, Fife, KY15 4PD doing letting the bloody Sassanachs get involved with their Old Fashioned milling of oats?
Leicester = pointy eared footballer = crisps = Quaker foods = Pepsico.
It seems A&R Scott of Cupar, Fife, KY15 4PD are just part of the bloody Pepsi Cola empire not some honest smiling bunch of Jocks. I yield to no one in my admiration of the benefits that American Multinationals bring, but if the stinking Yankees come over here buying up our heritage they can at least leave our customary weights and measures alone - it is not as though they use them themselves!


Hear, hear.

Of course, Pepsico is based in New York state, which location is renowned for its European sympathies... pure coincidence, of course.

Does it matter who owns them or where their phone centre is? - they are still made the same way and taste great!
Much better than other Oats.

We have eaten and enjoyed Origional SCOTTISH MILLED OATS for several years. This year we have opened our first carton and found the oats are less than half the size and are more like American Grits. They are uninteresting and more like a thick soup. Why have you changed them but advertise them the same as previously ?

We have eaten your porridge for years. Last September I bought a packet from LeClerc in Toulouse and when I opened it this week it was riddled with weavils. Its best by date is 30.1.10 and had been kept in a airtight plastic container unopened. From your Guarantee of Satisfaction on the box my statutory rights are void as I live in France. If your goods are being sold in Europe surely we should be covered by the same rights. Do you want me to send you an envelope of weavils - I would like my money back

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