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Icons of England - Again

How interesting! The Icons of England website has its stats publicly available - ICONS web stats.
Firstly, thank you to all the readers here who visited the icons site 207 times!
I imagine a lot of you were following my link to Fox Hunting - Icons of England in order to vote for it or not.
I note that Fox Hunting is number two in popularity, not bad. The Lake District is more popular though. Strangely the stats tell a different story. Fox Hunting was viewed 40,000 times (I think that is a fair representation of how many votes it got). The next most popular nomination page was Morris Dancing with 11,000, then the Countryside and Pubs with 7 and 5 thousand respectively, with the Austin Maxi and "Yes Minister" fighting it out for bottom place with 70 each.
But no sign of the Lake District page... they wouldn't have just slipped it in above Fox Hunting,would they? No, it must be just hiding in the stats somewhere....


Funny that. I've checked the most popular icons three or four times since the site went live, and I can't recall having seen the Lake District.

What happened to conkers?

I am sure Bishophill is a capital fellow but he isn't Laughing Cavalier who posted the conkers comment. This is not the first time you have misrepresented me. Why?

When I go to the Icons site, I find Fox hunting has Yes=91% and No=9%. On the other hand, I find the Lake District has Yes=61% and No=39%. Am I missing something?


While I don't doubt that the NuLabour apparatchiks are frantically trying to tone down the recalcitrant old icons people keep nominating (and voting) there could be an answer to your question:

91% of 100 votes is 91 votes

61% of 200 votes is 122 votes.

Fox hunting may be more popular with a smaller voting electorate.

My advice is vote early vote often. It's what I've been doing.


Good point. Do we actually know how icons win - total vote or share of vote? Or is this being deliberately obscured? (This wouldn't surprise me.)

By the way, "Imperial Measures" is now available as an icon.

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