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Flyover Britain

The great middle "flyover" bit of America is routinely mocked for many things by the coastal sophisticates and the British Media. One of the more common jibes is about its Bible Bashing evolution denying mindset. How primitive they must be not to grasp Darwin to their hearts!
How unlike us, with our wonderful State proscribed education and curriculum which leads our children unto righteousness! But it looks as though Science, along with reading and writing, is yet another thing we are failing our children on....

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Britons unconvinced on evolution

Just under half of Britons accept the theory of evolution as the best description for the development of life:
22% chose creationism
17% opted for intelligent design
48% selected evolution theory
and the rest did not know

Hat Tip The England Project: Well, who's stupid now?


Shouldn't it be State prescribed education, not "State proscribed"?

Intelligent design *IS* creationism. Guess the poll takers are idiots too.

Looking at the above comments

I'm sure he did mean "prescribed" but don't you think the typo quite ironic anyway?

ID is not creationism but is used by creationists as a scientific basis for their creed. Pity they are both just so much bullshit. Creationism is just supernatural mumbo jumbo, a a hangover from an age before science. ID tries to fill holes in evolutionary theory with pseudoscientific crap which is full of empirical errors. Yes evolution has flaws but it fits all the current evidence.

I stumbled by here and found your blog very interesting.

I'm not commenting about creationism vs. evolution. I'm not going to correct your spelling either (I've gotten to where I depend on spell check and can't spell worth a hoot anymore. So I have no room to talk!).

But I did notice the "'fly over' bit of America" in your post. I live in the Fly Over Country and we are totally misunderstood and mocked. I just listened to one of our esteemed democratic senators on TV discussing how he 'relates' to us - and he obviously doesn't have a clue. It's really funny when they try to do that.

Anyway, it's more than a 'bit'. It's most of the country. I'd estimate 99% if not a tad more. New York and parts of California are basically the only part of the US that is sophisticated enough to not be written off as ignorant and unworldly.

That's why they just couldn't believe it when Bush was elected for a second term. They still don't believe it.

But they don't get out of their comfort zones much.

It's the silent majority. :)

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