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All are equal

EU Referendum reminds us in an excellent article about how diligent the police are in arresting people for flicking the finger at Speed cameras, calling police horses "Gay" and so on, and wonders about the latitude afforded the Muslim protesters to publicly call for violence.. And in another excellent post he compares the treatment handed out to the boys when they complained about the hunting ban in Parliament Square to the Religion of Peace and Love's followers gentle handling. As Mr FM says:

When the pro-fox hunting lobby held its most recent demonstration in Parliament Square, (the police) officers response was somewhat different. On that occasion protesters went not there to advocate terrorist atrocities, they were there to protest about the criminalisation of a sport that has just topped a high profile government poll of find the most popular icons of England. That day the protestors were not greeted by officers holding cameras, they were met by row upon row of thuggish riot police. On that day, protestors didn't have their photographs taken by your officers. On that day, innocent people were met with walls of riot shields & then beaten unconscious with truncheons & batons, in the shadow of their own Parliament.


There definately appears to be a marked difference in the approach to policing the two demonstrations.

One thing I did notice was the demeanour of the cops in the photo of this weekend's events. Is it just me or are they hanging their heads in shame? My charitable side hopes they are marking the death of free speech in Britain. My more cynical nature leads me to beleive they were ordered to observe a two minute silence for the latest deluded Palestinian to put himself on the fast track for a plate of 72 raisins?


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