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The Tory Response

David Cameron 1.jpg

David Cameron has (according to aides) said he wants "to be kept out of this one". The only sound comes from Dominic Grieve, Shadow Attorney General, calling the Danish cartoons "reckless". And he admits he hasn't seen them.


A clash of civilisations? World War Three?
Where's Cameron when you need him?

Reported by Times Online yesterday,

With his wife Samantha about to give birth to the couple’s third child any day, Cameron says he will take one week immediately and “probably” another week soon afterwards “when the baby isn’t sleeping and Samantha’s more tired”.

How can we have a "clash of civilisations" between a civil society and a baying mob of riotous barbarians?
And how can we have a "Government" that seeks to pretend that those two things are morally equivalent?

A true display of leadership. Good job churchill's kids were grown by 1940.

Nothing like a bit of paternity leave when the going gets tough ;-)

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