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Kim the Wykehamist *

Kim proves again why he is a shining light in this murky Blogosphere and cuts through the cant surrounding provocative cartoons and other insults.
I have always believed and strived for : "A gentleman is never rude unintentionally" - I often fail but it is worth aiming for.
However to his magisterial pronouncement I would wish to attach a small addendum:
Even if an act is morally wrong to do that does not invalidate the right to do it, and that with rights come responsibilities.
It would be wrong to expose my children to The Guardian at the morning breakfast table, but I have the right to do it but I must accept the responsibility that they would grow up thinking I was a sad old git.
It would be wrong for me to jeer that the scousers top the sickie league and wonder if they are a bunch of workshy losers if I was enjoying the traditional Liverpool hospitality on the Kop, but if I did I would have only myself to blame if they moved their fat arses and gave me a kicking.
So just because saying something is upsetting, unwise, insulting and the wrong thing to do doesn't mean that the freedom to do so ceases to exist, but in is the most condemning phrase an English Gentleman can use, it is bad manners to do so.

* Manners maketh man
- William of Wykeham Motto of Winchester College


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