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The other terrorists amongst us.

The Times

AN UNPRECEDENTED security crackdown is being mounted at Oxford University in the face of threats from animal rights extremists....
the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) recently announced that anyone associated with Oxford University, including students, was a legitimate target for attack.


This is just the beginning of our campaign of devastation against ANYONE linked in ANY way to Oxford University. Every individual and business that works for the University as a whole is now a major target of the ALF.
The University have made a crass decision to take us on and we will never let them win! This ALF team is calling out to the movement to unite and fight against the University on a maximum impact scale, we must stand up, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES and blow these fucking monsters off the face of the planet. We must target professors, teachers, heads, students, investors, partners, supporters and ANYONE that dares to deal in any part of the University in any way.
There is no time for debate and there is no time for protest, this is make or break time and from now on, ANYTHING GOES. We cannot fail these animals that will end up in those death chambers. Be warned, Oxford University, this is only the beginning of our campaign. Everyone linked to your institution is right now being tracked down and sooner or later, they will be made to face the consequences of your evil schemes.

As a proud alumnus that makes me a target of these scum, but then we all are at risk from these people haters.


The Dreaming Spires aren't my Alma Mater, but I'll gladly trade down if it gives me a chance to engage in vigourous self-defence against any bearded, sandal wearing soap dodger I come across.

Personally I'm all in favour of getting my self defence in early and often. Sadly the only soap dodgers we get round here are the poor buggers too skint to afford the stuff.


Time to wrap some ALF members in Brazilian flags and make them run around the tube.

I understand ALF is upset and lashing out against the world of Oxford University (forgot the meds that day) about an animal science lab project, but ALF is giving free speech a bad name by targeting students and teachers. Maybe we can pack off a few of the animal rights nazis of the ALF off to Huntingdon Life Sciences to see what makes them ill...

HMMM, sounds like a personal threat to me.
So, any ALF twats out there, I will consider your mere appearance on the street as an attack, and chop your ugly faces off the front of your skulls as a matter of course. Hey, its a free country for me too, right?

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