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Sending out an SOS

Telegraph | News | Mugabe to ask whites back in land grab U-turn

President Robert Mugabe has begun to reverse his "insane" land grab and offer some white farmers the chance to lease back their holdings in Zimbabwe.
With the fastest shrinking economy in the world, Mr Mugabe has had to backtrack on six years of chaos and his own determination to rid the country of all white farmers.

Would you go back? Until the Zims clear out the Marxists madmen the place will continue to rot - but i suppos it is all whiteys fault somehow...


Ah the perenial liberal/formerly colonised native dilema:

What to do when your colonial scapegoat has gone? Without whitey around anymore any reasonable Zimbabwean might have expected things to improve. Strangely this hasn't happened in fact things have gotten even worse.

Getting the whiteys back solves two of Bob's problems before the povo start asking difficult questions. Firstly things might start working again. Secondly he'll have his Aunt Sally back for when he makes the next big booboo.

And to round off, a terrible, racist settler joke:

Q) What did they use in Zimbabwe before paraffin and candles?

A) Electricity

Laugh? Even more than I did the time I cut the servants rations.


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