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Memo to self - buy roses next Tuesday.

Telegraph | News | Farmer's estranged wife shops him for 800,000 sheep fraud

Richard Coate, 59, who was jailed for three years and nine months, kept records claiming to have traded 425,000 sheep with a Spanish farmer called Senor Questos.
He then applied for 865,799.27 in VAT compensation from the Government's agricultural flat-rate scheme.
But after the tip-off from Coate's wife, Faye, following an acrimonious split, customs officials visited his farm in Broomfield, Somerset. They discovered that the sheep had never existed, and that Coate owned just 29 animals

After last year when the Petrol station had run out of flowers and I had to give the present Mrs Englishman a Road Atlas for Valentines day maybe it would pay to get into town early....


Do NOT buy Godiva chocolates, and an expensive shiny high-tech stainless-steel and glass wizzard bathroom scale... Ouch!

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