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Bulldog shoot

The Bulldog Shooting Club 2006 Postal Shoot
Ok, after a lot of procrastination & general faffing about, at last here it is, an excuse (as if you needed one) to hit the range & get some trigger time. Yep, forget the Imperial Week at Bisley, this is more important ... its our 06 postal shoot....
Go and read the rules and join in.

For Bulldogs this side of the pond I am adding an extra class of entrant for those unable to be suitably tooled up. The Any Projectile Class - pencils launched by rubber band, bogies blown through Bic tubes, whatever!

Download target or
view the target - note ruler to ensure you print it out the right size! Right click link and choose "print" or save to your computer before printing.


Hmmm...the wife has an old Winchester Model 90 in .22 WRF, it's the only smallbore and a rifle that we have - any extra points for an old .22 pistol?

Crap, I just paced it off and shot a four. How many do-overs do I get? :-)

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