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Job for Mr FM

Telegraph | News | Urban fox hunt

Urban foxes have become such a nuisance that home owners are hiring pest controllers to shoot them in the middle of the night....

But the practice has been condemned by animal welfare groups who claim that killing foxes is "inhumane" and "a complete waste of time"....

Becky Hawkes, from the RSPCA, said: "The most effective way of deterring foxes is to limit the amount of food available, so people should make sure their bins are closed and ensure that any fallen fruit is picked up."

Ah but then they move onto eating Tiddles....

Telegraph | News

Urban foxes are attacking and killing pet cats because they are struggling to find enough food to eat in British towns and cities.
Cat owners have reported an increasing number of attacks and pest control specialists say that the use of wheelie bins, rather than bin bags, for rubbish disposal is partly to blame because it has deprived many foxes of an easy source of food.

As Tim Bonner, of the Countryside Alliance, said: "We believe that wild mammal populations need to be managed whether they are squirrels, deer or urban foxes. The population should be kept at a level that is acceptable in a particular area."


In the U.S. many people have mixed emotions concerning the fox and it's appetite for cats. The reason is that many feel that feral cats have become the greater pest. Most small animals and birds have no defense against the cats that have become wild. I have observed cats that patiently wait beside a rabbit warren to attack and kill the baby rabbits as they emerge.

Recently two baby fox sunned themselves by my backyard picnic table.

Nature placed the fox there. Man placed the cat there. Which is the bad one?

.20 gauge is good, right?

I have a family of urban foxes in my garden. They have never to my knowledge eaten a cat, but I have watched them during the night sitting with a few. The do however keep the rat population just about under wraps, never cause me any problems, and eat any food scraps that need clearing up. I don't mind having them living here at all.

So the RSPCA is claiming that starving an animal to death is more humane than shooting it? Maybe next time someone wants their dog put down, I should just suggest locking the predigree chum cupboard and waiting...

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