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Jelly-Bellied Flag Flapping?

Telegraph | News | Brown will champion Veterans' Day for every June 27

The National Veterans Day - designed to complement commemorations of the war dead - is expected to be held on June 27 each year.

Jelly-Bellied Flag Flapper.jpg

Mr Brown will announce a series of measures aimed at ensuring the contribution of the armed forces to national life is "never forgotten" in a speech.

Mr Brown will say: "I have suggested that we also value the ideals of Britishness and its symbols and institution.

"And, in particular, I suggest today we recognise and show we value the contribution of our police, emergency and security services, our military and our armed forces and the contribution of all those who fought in the Great Wars of the last century."

"The National Veterans Day in June is designed to thank today's generation of ex-servicemen and women for their service to our country, and I propose ceremonies in every constituency of the country to mark National Veterans Day - where we present veterans with veterans medals at local ceremonies."

A genuine recognition of the immense debt we owe our veterans or a cynical stunt by the Jelly-Bellied Flag Flapper?

As I seem to have missed Gordos generous treatment of veterans and their families in his treasury role, his previous speeches extolling their virtues, his morale raising tours of our bases in Iraq, his grieving appearances at military funerals, and his compassionate visits to the returned wounded mark me down as a cynic. And disgusted at this use of people who deserve better.


Cynical or what?
He uses a rather curious expression "And I propose ceremonies in every constituency of the country". Sounds a bit like all the comrades of the party will get medals, possibly the Order of Lenin, the Red Star, or even hero of the British Soviet.With luck, like a seat in the Lords, one will be able to buy them.
This is the first generation of politicians since WWII who have never been in the services,which has not stopped them overusing and exploiting them for political purposes, while at the same time denying them full support and best equipment in favour of wasted "social spending".
We really could do without a Scot who has his own Scottish representation in a Scottish parliament desperately telling us he is now British. After all, his party abolished Britain in favour of Wales, Scotland, and N.Ireland. I certainly no longer wish to be called British, that is soooo nationalistic! I am English, and would like what he has, my own English parliament.

Is there an election on?

At least giving the veterans medals, will give them something to sell when they need health care or an upgrade to their home security.

Whenever he refers to Britain I cringe.

Forgive me for sounding naive here, but don't we already have a day for recognising the sacrifices of British and Imperial servicemen? I would have thought 11 November would be a far more fitting date for such an occaision. Of course they would have to trim out all the "inclusivness" cuckoos who have begun to invade the remeberance ceremonies though (why does the Round Table march past the Cenotaph for phuques sake? Or the Little Poddlington Women for Peace Collective).

27 June carries no historical significance as far as I am aware. In fact the only reason I can think why Gordon the Sweaty would choose that date is that it is close to Her Majesty's Official Birthday. This would allow him and his cronies at the BBC to divert attention from such embarrassingly popular displays of loyalty like Trooping the Colour.

Just think how happy they would be if everyone watched a stage managed, "socially relevent" Veterans Day instead of a bunch of upper-class twits in red coats and dead bears on their heads.

It's just another attempt to destroy Britain's heritage dressed up as patriotism, if you ask me.


Apparently 27 June was chosen as it is the day the first VC was awarded or suchlike...

OK, it's a notable date, but hardly relevant to the vast majority of former ex-servicemen.

I read the same article from which I think you got that explaination. It said that the Queen was given the choice of several dates in June by the government. She then chose the 27th because of its VC connotations (and probably because it's about as far from her official birthday as possible).

Why only June? At the risk of being outed as a founder member of the Tinfoil Hat Club I have my suspicions (see above).


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