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Your reaction may vary

Teleshop - Guns for sale


ooooooooooooooooooooooooo, eeeeeeeevil guns !!! I phoned my order in but for some reason in need an End Users Certificate for an order that size.

Where do I get one of these certificates from? Can I download them from anywhere?

You don't have to buy the linked AK ammo -- to much of a hassle to unlink it all. I have a few thousand rounds spare, so just drop me a line.

-- Ali The Ammo Man

475 quid for an AK, even a new one? Rip off!

According to Mightyness, my geriatric, alcoholic gardener, you can get them for a few hundred rands, ammo and training included. OK the training is probably five minutes of "the end with the hole points that way" standard, but even so this looks like a case of Rip-off Britain to me. A case for the Trading Standards people?

By the way and on a more serious note; this ad was aimed at getting people upset about the arms trade, but AK's are made in Russia. Why was the advert in English and obviously trying to influence English speakers?


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