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That video and those cartoons

As Laban points out:
"There is no doubt that this video will worsen relations between British soldiers and the Iraqi people, and between Britain and the Islamic world...."

The pond life at Murdoch's Papers are pleased as punch to publish pictures that will inflame Iraqis and put our Squaddies at greater risk of death or injury, but when there is the tiny chance that they might face the wrath of a Believer themselves it is all about "responsibility" and "not being provocative".... Yellow belly cowards.


Well can't disagree about the pond-life label. However.
Have you ever thought that the Iraqis knew about this first? In fact, there's nothing to lose with them.
What were these squaddies to do? Arrest them and then enter them into a rudimentary criminal justice system which has been infiltrated by the very elements that started the riot in the first place? I don't think so.
The whole premise behind the invasion of Iraq was that Middle Eastern countries were failing societies, corrupt and ineffective. The rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and indeed the election of Hamas shows how the 'Arab Street' was turning to radical solutions to combat corruption and failure in much the same way that the Germans turned to the Nazis as a result of the failure of the Wiemar Republic. When that failure touched US lives as in 9/11 the US wasn't going to stand for it. Iraq was a 'soft' option. A decade of sanctions had deprived the country of any form of effective military. The fact that MPs believed the 45-minute claim speaks volumes about Parliament. The fact the media let the government get away with hounding Andrew Gilligan and David Kelly, ultimately to his death, is incredible. Blair, ever the opportunist glory hunter, eyeing a chance to be America's best friend, always useful for post-PM money earning lecture tours and a spot on US TV, went along. No problem.
However, whilst the Yanks had spotted the problem they hadn't thought through the answer - like post-war planning. They could have used the example of post WWII Germany and Japan, but didn't. The Brits, well they can't plan a day out to Skeggy.
So you have soldiers, you know people trained to exert maximum force, placed in a continuing war situation. Not a mercy mission to deliver blankets to wide-eyed children, a killing job. Unfortunately, for a world that buys meat in plastic that is both too complex and too unattractive. How can that possibly fit into a lifestyle statement.
All this false indignation is pathetic. It's simply spoon fed to the public to make the public feel good about themselves and not face the simple, unpleasant truth.

Bet you didn't see what the pond life had on their website around midnight on Saturday.

Thought one of the red top papers had a point yesterday; if you throw stones at squaddies, best run really really fast or expect a good kicking!

Also compare the British reaction with what would have happened in Iran or Isreal, or Saudi to the rioters after throwing bricks and a bomb: instant response with deadly force.

Indeed Timtoo - if you want to compare riot control tactics between us and them just look at recent headlines re:

"X number dead in CARTOON riots".

Given the lack of fuss made in the British press about Arab crowd control techniques perhaps our lads should have just shot a few people...

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