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When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping

Shopping List.jpg Aaargh Valentines Day! I better add some flowers to the list.... How do you get that petrol smell out of them from them sitting forlornly in that plastic bucket next to the four star pump??

I hope your shopping lists are more interesting.....


I got the last 4.98 for a dozen red roses at Tesco yesterday. Lucky escape!

And squashy cheese is what, exactly?

M&S is your friend!

Please tell me it's not some kind of ersatz cheese in a tube...

Squashy Cheese is what the girls call Brie or Camembert - either will do for them so i get which ever is the better bargain.

2 CDs of Romantic Music
1 iPod
1.5 lbs of Chocolate

You understand that I really, really, need to spend about another $600 to finish off my AR.

I think of this Day as a 'get out of trouble free' card to be used anytime during the rest of the year.

Besides, after 34 years together...whats the harm in covering all bases. She has a well honed ability to make my life a living hell if I don't play the game her way.

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