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Wiltshire’s answer to the film Cool Runnings?

OK, I'm sorry I have been rude about a local village called Pewsey - but let me congratulate the village for raising the money to send Shelley Rudman, born and bred in the Wiltshire village, to the Olympics to pick up a medal for sliding down a hill very very fast on a tea tray. I certainly wouldn't have the guts or determination to do it so huge congratulations to her as well. Though I do wonder if the extra fingers help her hold on....


You wicked bastard, I was laughing my socks off over the extra fingers joke. Brilliant.

However, being an ex-Wiltshire inhabitant of 20 years standing I am of course deeply offended, and when I reported you to my New Labour MP demanding immediate action to stop such deeply offensive speech he said that inbreeding jokes are one of the few areas left that New Labour has still to legislate against.

Think yourself lucky this time, but you are now on the list.

I watched her win her silver last night. I was jumping up and down and cheering. The NBC commentators discussed how she had to raise her own funds to get to Torino. They couldn't throw enough money at that fucking Dome.

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