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Local Democracy - the new order imposed

Telegraph | News | Christopher Booker's notebook

A storm has blown up in Wales over an order issued to a Powys county councillor who opposes the council's pro-wind turbine policy. He he is not allowed to attend any debate on the issue ...A letter to Councillor Bob Mills from Jeremy Patterson, Powys's "monitoring officer" (and "executive director for organisation and governance"), notes that he has written a letter to the local paper critical of windpower as being not "cost effective". Furthermore, writes this official, "I am also advised that you expressed very strong views at a meeting here in County Hall on 26 January". Mr Patterson informs Mr Mills that, because he has a "pre-determined position" on this issue, he cannot be allowed to speak or vote on it, and "must leave the Chamber" whenever it is discussed....
(Of course) Powys council and many of its councillors are just guilty as Councillor Mills, because they have made no secret of their support for the Assembly's policy. ... (but) councillors seem only to be disqualified for "prejudice" when their views run contrary to those of their council's ruling group, or of the Government itself.

It seems it is not just the sheep that are sheep in Wales...


Staggering. The Eco-Nazis march onwards. It seems to the Gorse Fox it is perfectly reasonable to have a pre-determined position if one has already done research into the matter... GF bets that's more than the rest of the council has done.

Copernicus was punished for his scientific observations by the established theological order of the day. Ther catholic authorities were shown to be a bunch of pragmatic dolts a few years later.

Seems like our local representatives are suffering the same fate a few centuries on. Anyone interested in starting a "windmill" demolition company? I figure we'll need a few years "R&D" time to get prepared and then we'll be in business big time when the greenies are shown to be as dim as the flat earthers were.

Plus ca change and all that.


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