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A Bug in the System

On my little day out at Bisley I was embarrassed to have the Marlin jam on me twice - the very nice guys at Fulton's the Gunshop there sorted it out both times and I bought some degreaser (actually Clutch and Brake cleaner) as it seemed to be caused by a build up of gunk under the lever. Thanks to Google and Full Disassembly/Re-assembly Instructions for Marlin 1894 Lever Rifle and Carbine I have now sorted the problem. It was a bug. A housefly was in the mechanism - must have got into the cabinet and then settled in the dark workings. So now with bug cleared I really need to do some testing.....


If it is the same as mine .38/.357. It will nearly always jam if I use .38 special, but never if I fire .357. Something to do with the shape of the .38 cartridge.

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