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Flyover Britain Zoo

Wet weekend, what to do with the kids? I note that a local zoo has some Rhinos recently arrived. Now I like Rhinos, not just the Spearmint flavoured ones, so I track the place down on the web: Noah's Ark Zoo Farm, Wraxall, Bristol, Somerset
Looks good but there is something odd down the bottom - Creation Biology We are also keen to expose inadequate or even fraudulent parts of Darwinism . Oh no! the Creationists have started a Zoo. I am not sure I can face an afternoon of preachy labels and exhibits when i just want to see the animals - Sundays aren't made for religion. But then again when you go the other zoos in the area the smug environmentalist preaching can be just as grating.


Not any more!!!!!!!

Note: "This page was last modified: 20th February 2006"

All it now says is:- "Noah's Ark is a spectacular hands-on zoo with huge indoor adventure playgrounds and the world's longest hedge maze, all on a genuine working farm!"

Seems like they'r now all cuddly bunny!!!!!!

Spoke to soon, check out the The Noahs Ark exhibition.....

Oh dear. There's quite a bit of nonsense on this page.

You should have gone along there and asked them why God created the rhino. I can't imagine a more miserable or boring animal (except maybe the three toed sloth). Give me the man-made unicorn any day.

Hey, don't knock the rhino. They give millions of impotent chinese and yemeni men the idea they can still get a hard on.


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