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Someone needs a good kicking

BBC NEWS | UK | Reid urging sympathy for troops

"I ask that we try to imagine what it must be like on the battlefield," he will say.
If this happens "we may be a little slower to condemn and a lot quicker to understand... the best fighting force in the world".

Speaking to the BBC on Sunday ahead of the speech, Mr Reid said the troops' circumstances were the toughest in history because "they face an enemy that is completely unconstrained".
"Yet our troops are increasingly constrained not just by international law and conventions, the standards we want to keep, but by media scrutiny, by videophones, by mobile phones, by satellite dishes."
While it was right to disapprove of abuse, it should be kept in proportion, he said, and out of nearly 100,000 British troops who had served in Iraq, there had only been five sustainable allegations of the mistreatment of civilians, he said.
With the Maysan council joining its counterpart in Basra in registering a protest over the video footage, most of British-controlled Iraq is now not co-operating with the Army.

For once I can totally agree with "Dr" Reid - and wonder what justification the cowards at the "NOW" have..


Oh my goodness! Can this be true? The NuLabour Minister of Defence actually saying something supportive about the British Army? Did anyone check to see if he didn't have his fingers crossed behind his back?

What next? New (working) kit for the boys? Attendance at a funeral? A real visit to a forces hospital to cheer the wounded? He'd better be careful; people might start to think he actually cares for the soldiers under his supervision and then where would we be?


He doesn't care about the troops. Not unless they're jock ones that is. He cares that many "British" troops are going to get killed and he's going to get the resultant anger. That is what he cares about.

The bit that I like is the implication that we should look at it from their viewpoint ... There are other viewpoints
The poor unemployed guy who is just looking for some extra money to keep up with the Jones. And mugs you.
What about the smokers who just want to find somewhere where they won't be hated.
What about the poor guys that don't want the crap kicked out of them by the police.

How exactly does this empathy work anyway?

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