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Power to the people - (the right sort of people only of course).

Telegraph | News | Tories challenge Brown to solve Scottish paradox

David Miliband, the communities minister, outlined proposals for "double devolution" - handing power that had been devolved from central government to town halls on to local communities and voluntary groups.

As A TANGLED WEB says...

Studying the outline of what he says, it appears that Labour is concerned that perhaps too many local Councils may fall into the hands of either the Conservatives or Lid-Dems. Thus the wheeze is to move power to "local activists" and "community groups" in the guise of returning pwer to the people.....


I'm afraid that Tangled Web is right. As far as I can see this is not about devolution of power from the centre, but rather about cutting local democracy out of the process, establishing a direct link between central government and their selected 'volunters' and activists. Rather than empowerment, it is about the further destruction of local democracy and accountability, and rather than devolution it is a disguised further concentration of power at the centre.

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