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Pro-test and live

BBC NEWS | Magazine | The pro-test protesters

Until now, animal rights protesters have made all the noise in a dispute over a new research lab in Oxford. But this weekend the city's famed academics are planning to hit back just as loudly, as pro-testing campaigners hit the streets.
According to one Oxford academic, a war is looming over "scientific freedom" and the "future of progress", no less. And this Saturday the battle for and against testing will shift from the city's dreaming spires to its historic streets.

ALF has declared all staff and students at Oxford to be "legitimate targets"..

Well as they have declared me to be a target guess which side I'm on.

I note that the human haters - SPEAK - have attacked the Pro-testers because they were run by "a delusional penis-obsessed narcissistic youth with a penchant for guns and pornography and a liberal inhalation of cannabis " and their point is what? Obviously they failed to make the grade to become a typical Oxford student so they are simply envious!


"a penchant for guns and pornography and a liberal inhalation of cannabis"

And they say this like it's a bad thing?

I suppose for a human-hating, soap dodger the first two might be offensive, but dope smoking? If this is the best they can do as a character assassination attempt, I'm afraid my subscription's already winging its way to Pro-test.


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