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I've got the gift!

Radio Times | Programme detailsBritain's Psychic Challenge...

Sitting waiting for the Grease Monkeys to fix my car this morning, that'll be 67 with the oil on the driver's seat included for free, thank you gov, I was subjected to hearing another's punter regaling how she had "the gift". She knew what was wrong with people, just by putting her hands on them, oh the cures, it is a worry being able to see into the future, but she couldn't help it , it is just a gift. Of course those people on the telly being tested, it wasn't fair, no one could do it if they were subjected to that sort of scepticism. But her, oh the things she knew, it was like clear as though it happened yesterday, but it was in the future, the times she had warned people, saved them...."

She tripped over a chair on the way out - I nearly pissed myself.


Why didn't you get the lottery numbers off her then?

Tim, you old sceptical cynic you! I wish I could have seen it too!

Those blessed with the "gift" are almost always female. No doubt this keeps sceptics from testing their skills with a sucker-punch just to find out if they will "see" it coming.

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