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Kinnoch's vision of Britain

BBC NEWS | UK | Call for metric road sign switch

Lord Kinnock says: "Our imperial road signs are perhaps the most obvious example of the muddle of measurement units in the United Kingdom.
"They contradict the image - and the reality - of our country as a modern, multicultural, dynamic place where the past is valued and respected and the future is approached with creativity and confidence."

Kinnoch's view of how Britain should be:
metric signs.jpg

The backward, non-multicultural, non-dynamic place that old fashioned road signs thrive in...
Imperial Road sign.jpg


Ironically, your facetious example has more truth to it than your intention. The USA is in reality quite backward and very hidebound in many respects, particularly measurement. The retention of the imperial system in the US (which they call "English" and NOT Imperial), is probably the main reason for its longevity in the UK. And even there, metric is often used for scientific measurements due to its greater versatility, accuracy and universality.

They call the old system the "customary system".
I get paid by cheque here.
The president can't speak English good, and our state governor used to be the Terminator.
The World Series is always between two American teams.

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