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The Turkey Army

Telegraph | News | Labour's bulging client state now employs 44pc of people

Nearly one in two adults in Britain is now receiving at least half their income from the State, a study of Britain's burgeoning public sector shows today....
The size of the so-called "client state" created by New Labour will invite suggestions that Tony Blair and Gordon Brown have deliberately built up the public sector to boost the number of people who vote Labour.
It may also fuel concern that the wealth-creating, private sector of the economy is being neglected.

"will invite" "may also fuel concern"!... even The Torygraph hasn't woken up yet, and obviously anyone who mentions Gordon's Turkey Army is a complete nutter. And remember yet again all those "voluntary bodies" that are funded by the Government aren't included, you know the ones, the ones Labour want to run local affairs rather than tiresome elected councils...


You also ought to count in the people employed in the private sector to deal with the Government. I mean the HR people employed to ensure we comply with employment laws, the Accounts people who are collecting VAT and income tax at their employers' expense, the tax accountants who try to ensure their clients don't overpay tax, the compliance officers who ensure we comply with myriad other laws. I am sure that the Government is already the cause of most employment in Britain; all of it unproductive.

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