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Ava on Cbeebies - who is she?

Stuck indoors with a poorly toddler the only ray of joy is Ava on CBeebies
- a quick Google and no one seems to know who she is - surely someone must be able to help a sad old man increase his knowledge...


Nicolle was the blonde one with pig tails yes?

Ever notice how kids TV presenters are getting hotter and hotter?

Careful what you say Wonk, you may find yourself on some sort of register and unable to work with children ever again.


PS They are getting cuter though, aren't they.


Haha, just to clarify - I meant the adult presenters on kids TV. ;o)

If you haven't seen kids TV for a while, just flick through the channels on a Saturday morning. We had to make do with Philip Schofield and Andi Peters when I was a kid. Now they have the likes of Holly Wiloughby (also presents Dancing on Ice) who is, to be fair, one of the best looking women on TV for a long time.

All I had was Valerie Singleton in black and white and 405 lines. And she isn't even the marrying type...

I always had a bit of a crush on Sally James (TISWAS), but you're right, the new crop of presenters (the ones over 18) does seem to be getting tastier. Or am I just turning into a dirty old (Remittance) man?


It's not Ava it's Eva she has her own website at www.evaalexander.com if you want to know what other things she ahs been in.

The blonde with pig tails is Sarah Jane.

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