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Live Crime Blogging.

I opened the cupboard doors so the dogs could go for a mouse and that is illegal under the Hunting Act 2004
Send me cake with a file in it when I am in Gaol please
Image taken on 24/2/2006 19:30

Hunting Act 2004

1 Hunting wild mammals with dogs
A person commits an offence if he hunts a wild mammal with a dog, unless his hunting is exempt.....

I can't use the stalking exemption because it is a condition that:

a) reasonable steps are taken for the purpose of ensuring that as soon as possible after being found or flushed out the wild mammal is shot dead by a competent person, and
(b) in particular, each dog used in the stalking or flushing out is kept under sufficiently close control to ensure that it does not prevent or obstruct achievement of the objective in paragraph (a).

I am not planning to blast Mrs Englishman's kitchen with the twelve bore if the mouse appears, and I'm afraid the dogs aren't under control. And it I believe it is a mouse, not a rat so that is all the loopholes filled. So no defence, well it's been nice knowing you......


Do you need someone to look after the dogs while you are inside?

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