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Bird Brains

Telegraph | News | Don't eat raw eggs

Eggs should be cooked until the whites are solid - not necessarily the yolks.

The World Health Organisation advises cooking eggs until both white and yolks are solid, but the FSA has discussed this with them and it says that the WHO advice was "precautionary".
The scene appeared to be set for a re-run of the row over vaccination and foot and mouth in 2001...

As was shown in 2001 the authorities had learnt nothing from previous disease outbreaks and it is increasingly becoming clear that they haven't a clue what to do about Bird Flu. The idea that we may be facing the horrendous cockups of the F&M outbreak again is too awful to contemplate. Is it really so hard to draw up some concrete plans and make them known. It is not as though this threat has just erupted, they have had months, and hopefully still have a long time before it reaches our shores. Instead of arguing if you will be able to dip your soldiers into your yolks or not, what I would like to see is a solid plan - ie in case of enemy Geese arriving, all fowl within five miles will be shot, a vaccinated cordon of 50 miles will be created, etc etc. It isn't hard, but it needs someone with more balls than Ben "Hugh Grant" Bradshaw to take control.


Well if I follow that advice there goes another great foodstuff, my homemade mayonaise.

While back at the helm:

'but it needs someone with more balls than Ben "Hugh Grant" Bradshaw to take control'

To take control would mean taking responsibility, with this mob the scapegoat get's volunteered by everybody else taking two steps backward.

Although I do expect ministers children to be highly visible at petting zoos very soon.

Meanwhile in this supposed free society why can't I nip down to the chemists and pick up a handy family pack of flu vacine?

Because you need to inject flu vaccine and Nanny doesn't trust you to use a needle without sticking it in your eye or selling it to a junkie.

Re the ministerial children-petting zoo prediction. I'd agree with you if you'd limited yourself to the children of junior ministers and other expendables. You can't imagine Cherry letting her kids be put at risk, far less having them used for cheap political stunts can you?


I thought Cherry was a cheap political stunt.

(Memo to brain check spelling on that last word)

Anyone fancy a spot of out of season sport?? Can we start the cull now? Those swans down on the canal might be infected - I am sure that I saw one of them looking a little peakie.

At least it would keep us busy until such time as we can get stuck in to the local brock population

Why stop there, Mr FM? Cats catch birds don't they? That means they could be infected too. Let's have a moggy cull while we're about it.

Besides with Tiddles gone all those grannies won't need to buy pet food anymore which means the government can cut the pension and save some of our tax pennies.


A domestic cat in Germany has become the first European Union mammal to die of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.

It's Moggy Season....

Hmmm. The problem with birds is that they can fly which kind of makes the British government's proclamation "it's on the continent, we're perfectly safe" kind of ridiculous.

You see, it's not only bloggers that can beat the MSM; even those who make inane comments on other people's blogs can do it too....

Another victory for the pyjamas media?


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