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Joined up thinking

I have been known in the past to be critical of my local council - Kennet - but I have just realised they, and their beloved masters have been actually planning it all out for our benefit.

Firstly they ban fox hunting.
Then we get news of a Global Bird Flu epidemic.
And then Kennet Council announce they are rushing to introduce Wheelie Bins for rubbish collections.
Seemingly unconnected - but:

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | German cat gets deadly bird flu

A domestic cat in Germany has become the first European Union mammal to die of the deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu.

Telegraph | News

Urban foxes are attacking and killing pet cats because they are struggling to find enough food to eat in British towns and cities.
Cat owners have reported an increasing number of attacks and pest control specialists say that the use of wheelie bins, rather than bin bags, for rubbish disposal is partly to blame because it has deprived many foxes of an easy source of food.

So Foxy Woxy to the rescue! Eating up all the mangy cats before they infect us all, Hurray!

Of course there is one flaw in their plan - Mr FM: No gentleman would ever admit to shooting a fox but he does, and he seems intent on cleansing Kennet of the beasts. And he admits to having worked on the shores of the Pearl River delta and the old Shanghai Bund - I sense some sinister Chinese plot, with Mr FM (Picture) as the mastermind, even as I type he is probably stroking some white pussy somewhere....


Never mind the stupid foxes -- have you received my postal match target yet?

Well if he's stroking some white pussy somewhere tell us where and I'll be over like a shot!

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