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Can I go home as well?

It's snowing and I'm cold.
Image taken on 1/3/2006 13:20


It got down to -11F overnight a little over a week ago, and the high that day was zero. (Southern Wiscornsin USA)

I tried to tell our cats Brutus and Lucky it was too cold to go out, and they should be like fuzzball (who never goes out,) but after listening to their yowling someone let them out.

Our 12 year old Australian shepherd still likes to go out and lay down or roll over in the snow. I worry about his obvious arthritis, but he doesn't listen either.

Somehow I suspect I'll spend my upcoming retirement being a doorman for cats and dogs.

Awwwww. Poor puppy.

Another poor puppy working under the snow...

Awwww, just makes me want to cuddle the little cutie ;)

What a wuss though - he's got a fur coat on after all. Tell him to run around more!

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