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Might I suggest one takes up blogging Sir?

The Times has some scoops on Prince Charles and his missives to the Government - as they quote - "he relays information he has received in his role as Colonel-in-Chief of many regiments or through his charities. He is always polite and argues his case."

Which seems to me be an entirely right and proper thing for the C-in-C to do - and when one reads what he says, Prince Charles to Lord Chancellor: full text of letter in which he takes the Government to task over the Human Rights Act then I am glad that he does take Derry to task. I am sure there are very few people that The Right Honourable Alexander Andrew Mackay Irvine, Baron Irvine of Lairg, PC, QC considers of equal status to himself and so can't be ignored like Hoi Polloi.


Whilst supportive of the Royal family in general, I've never been a great fan of Prince Charles until reading about his views and what he's written.

It will be a great shame if the story damages him or the monarchy. It must be awful to be in his position, with the views he clearly holds and having to put up with ZaNuLabour apparatchikism. I mean it's bad enough for me, but as a nonentity I'm insulated from it.

Prince Charles is in an impossible position, he cannot renounce the monarchy and pursue political options without risking damage to the monarchy. Similarly he cannot speak out on his own account, and anything he does in private is clearly ignored; not even the validity of the points he raises is acknowledged (no surprise considering who he's dealing with).

He has my sympathy and support, but I'm afraid it'll not be of any practical help to him.

Maybe he already does. Apparently some people use pseudonyms when expressing their thoughts on this interblogweb thingy.


ps You never know; he could be here now.

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