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The Electronic Babysitter

ITV takes on the Beeb in crowded kids' TV market - Newspaper Edition - Times Online

IN THE daily battle between Dora The Explorer, Charlie and Lola and SpongeBob SquarePants, it takes a brave broadcaster to launch a new children's channel with the promise that it will become the most-watched commercial service within 18 months.
That was the bullish prediction offered by ITV when it unveiled CiTV, a £30 million response to the BBC’s dominance in children’s television that will feature Horrid Henry and an animated version of the top-selling Bratz dolls.
Launched on March 11, CiTV will be the first commercial children’s channel available on Freeview, now a fixture in almost seven million homes. However, it must also compete in a saturated market with 21 other commercial children’s channels on satellite and cable services

Let me offer a marketing tip for free to ITV - Who has control of the remote? Mummy or Daddy, what do they want? Eye Candy. It's the presenters, stupid. So lets have more Eva Alexander, not that I have noticed, we only have CBeebies on as it is educational, only 5'2", small hands, I always find them so flattering.....


The Bratz have been extremely popular for 4Kids TV here in the US so they will probably do well for these folks

Bratz World

Don't forget Holly off Ministry of Mayhem (and Dancing on Ice) ... mmmmmm.

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