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Branding plans under attack

Clash over compulsory ID cards - Times Online

PLANS for ID cards hit a constitutional impasse last night with ministers vowing to overturn a second blockage in the Lords and force people to buy a card when they renew their passports.
Peers said this was “compulsion by stealth” and went against Labour’s manifesto promise to introduce ID cards “initially on a voluntary basis”.
Andy Burnham, a Home Office minister, said if people really wanted to avoid buying an ID card, they could renew their passport before the proposed scheme came in in 2008 or 2009.

ID cards also came under attack from the Institution of Electrical Engineers which said that the technology behind them was “high-risk” and could fail without further rigorous testing.

Mr Burnham replied that the technology was robust and was the same as that already being used in the United States.

So that is alright then, the technology is the same as the US is using for its compulsory ID cards for all its citizens, I'm obviously not up to speed on all American news but I'm a tad surprised I haven't heard of these cards before, obviously they are just meekly accepted, though I could have sworn some of my favorite (sic) bloggers would have said something.....


I think he's referring to US passports. They've mandated RFID tags in them.

At least for now US pesants don't need a passport to move around the cabin. We will be subjected to the equivalent in a few years when the Real ID act goes into effect. Then our drivers licenses will become defacto internal passports.

Your papers please!

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