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Forget the Oscars - this is the big one.

FREE MARKET FAIRY TALES: The Bulldog Shooting Club 2006 Postal Shoot

The time of reckoning is nearly here, so get those cards in quickly - with my rhumey eye and tremensed fingers I stepped up to the mark last night and spluttered shots like sparrow farts all over the target. So I'm not putting forward my targets from last night, instead here is one I prepared earlier, when there was a litle less blood in my alcohol stream and I was feeling more gruntled...



Thank God it's not too late! ;-) I'll see urf I can find the one I shot...

Too bad you missed one altogether in the bottom right target... it would have been respectable otherwise.

And don't give me the old "two in one" story, matey.

I've been robbed - we only shoot a block of nine at the range so we only have seven to count! Not eight as Mr Fm has done in his competition... I wonder if photoshop would improve my score?

Mine will be on it's way later today

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