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Kennet Council Tax

Kennet Times Spring 2006 from Kennet Council

Where does your money go...?
by Cllr. Chris Humphries,
Leader of the Council

As Leader of Kennet District Council, residents sometimes ask me: “What do we get for our money from Kennet”.
It occurs to me that many of you may be asking yourselves the same question so, on the following pages, are some facts and
figures about what we do....
Refuse and Recycling services - 32p per week
“Street Scene” services - 23p
Environmental Health and Protection - 24p
Housing Services - 19p
Council-run Leisure Services - 39p
Planning Services - 22p
Transport services - 8p
Local taxation and benefits - 23p
Other services - 37p

If you were to add up all the council
taxes per week given in the tables you
would find that it totals just £2.27 per
week. I do not know what others will
think about this, but for me this represents
excellent value for money for all the
council tax payers in Kennet.

So Kennet provide all these services for a household for about £120 a year - (breakdown) The police cost about the same, and the firebrigade about £50 so what does Wiltshire County Council spend the £900 it mulcts from us on?


Research, planning, coordination and assessment?

Probably with words like strategic thrown in for good measure

You'll find that the rest goes about half on education (of which 50% goes to the beauracracy) and half on the local authority's pension fund.

But you forget the not insignificant amount "donated" on your behalf, by those generous chaps in government to the starving peasants in the northern counties and the celtic fringe.


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