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One to watch tonight

BBC NEWS | Politics | Tory! Tory! Tory! (Part one)

You can watch the first part of Tory! Tory! Tory! on BBC Four tonight at 2100 GMT and again at 0010GMT.

The story of how a Chicken Farmer saved the world, with a bit of help from Hayek, Seldon and Harris and the continuing good works of the IEA...

Encouraged by Hayek, who advised him not to go into politics but to concentrate instead on influencing opinion, Fisher founded the IEA, hiring Cambridge-trained economist, Ralf, now Lord, Harris, to run it.

The IEA's research director Arthur Seldon ensured a constant flow of pamphlets on every kind of issue - including early calls for privatisation of nationalised industries.

Seldon and Harris were, Harris recalls in the film, two "state educated lads", who had a lot of fun mocking what they saw as the absurdities of state planning - as well as the "public school types" from the Conservative Party, who could only grasp a "parody" of their arguments.

(I'm afraid it seems the "public school types" have seized control of the Tory party again!)


So far that poll is pretty lop-sided.

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