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Vicki Woods on Charlie Falconers rejection of England having democracy,,

Telegraph | Opinion | England will never have a parliament

There will never be an English parliament because the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has already set up the English regional assemblies (like the Welsh Assembly, only much richer) in all the English regions of the European Union....I thought Prescott tried to get the North-East to have one and everyone in the North-East said, Oh, get away with you, we don't want one, waste of money - naff off....
Well, he set the things up anyway.

This is the future for England, folks. Forget the English parliament.


Time to start looking at farmland in Canada, me old matey.

Forget the English parliament? Never! Not in a million years. Falconer the unelected "lord" has just provided more ammunition the scotch twat!

So Lord Falconer is concerned about the fragility of the Union is he? I say he's either telling porkies or he's incredibly stupid. Either way he's talking bollox.

By porkies I mean he doesn't really give a damn about the Union and is really only concerned with maintaining the lucrative position he holds largely because the Celtic Cousins are so grateful for NuLabour's massive tributes sent annually north of the border (and westwards).

And if he's not telling porkies then quite how does he think the Union will hold together when he and his chums hand unaccountable power and huge sums of money to small minorities. One day the majority will wake up to this massive scam and rebel. One possible outcome will be the breaking up of the Union with rich England leaving the Taffs, Paddies and Sweaties to shiver in the dark and col in their socialist workers' paradises.

Unless this is actually what he and his chums want, in which case Lord Falconer is talking another kind of bollox. Treason.


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