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BBC NEWS | England | Accelerator jam car hits 135mph

A motorist drove for 60 miles at speeds of 135mph after the accelerator on his BMW car jammed and his brakes failed. ...
"I took my foot off the accelerator because it's automatic - but I wasn't slowing down at all. ...
BMW's UK media relations manager, Duncan Forrester, said: "I would certainly like to reassure anybody driving any BMW that we see this as really nothing more than a freak accident.

"We have absolutely no record of anything such as this happening in the past, hence the reason why we want to take a close look at it."

Many years ago it happened to me in a BMW 320i, came out the pub, driving home across deepest rural Suffolk, accelerator jammed on, round a corner straight into an oak tree. I came to and walked home and poured my self a large whisky to steady some pretty shook up nerves. Leaving the pub I had for once been sober - long story but it was full of police and striking miners and I had only narrowly escaped from the tender embrace of an NUM steward. But of course when the nice young WPC turned up at my house I thought saying I had been home for an hour and had a drink was a pretty thin story. But it was true. When she went outside I poured my self an ever larger whisky and was drinking it when she came back with the Breathalyser. She told me I couldn't drink it, I explained it was my own home and until she arrested me I could do what I liked. I blew a mouthful of whisky into the Breathalyser which probably ruined it. A long time later at the Police Station after we has established my alcohol content, the brand of whisky I was drinking, the glass I was drinking from and the level it was filled to they were pretty pleased as they informed me it was easy to back calculate. So I asked if they had forgotten a question. "What?"
"How many glasses had I drunk?"
"Is that relevant?"
"Oh yes, How many glasses did you drink?"
"I can't remember, you have already noted that I was suffering concussion, but it was several, I just can't remember how many...."
I was let off with a snotty letter from the Chief Constable.


What is it with Beemers?

And why didn't he just switch off the engine?

(before you ask - the steering lock doesn't activate as long as the key's in place)

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